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NYC Peer Workforce Coalition

The NYC Support Circle is conducted on the last Wednesday of every month from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. Our Support Circle is a safe, brave, confidential space for all peers either directly and/or indirectly impacted with Behavioral Health, Substance and Alcohol use, criminal justice system, Veterans, physical disability and more to share and discuss challenges and successes related to working as a Peer whether employed and/or volunteer to learn coping tools. We collaborate with other organizations for up-to-date information such as inviting guest speakers, conduct or share trainings, webinars, potential scholarships and employment, continuing education and resources. NYC Peer Workforce Coalition helps support peers to make their own decisions, stay strong and be in control of their lives. The Support Circles are a good way for inspiration, networking, connections, information and sharing your story. Any interested please visit peerwc.org

This event is for peers only


Disability Accomodations

  • None

Wednesday , 06:00 pm EST - Wednesday , 08:00 pm EST