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What is MHA’s I Am Not Alone?

MHA’s I Am Not Alone is an activity database designed by peers, for peers. It is designed to support those struggling with loneliness and isolation by helping them meet and connect with other people based on shared interests. It does this by allowing anyone to create, find, and attend activities that can begin the process of building meaningful friendships.

What does designed by peers, for peers mean?

Designed by peers, for peers means that MHA’s I Am Not Alone was designed by those who identify as peers. In this instance, MHA defines a peer as someone who identifies as living with a mental health condition.

It also means that when designing this site, we specifically included features that would benefit those living with mental health conditions. One feature allows hosts the ability to list disability accommodations for their events. Another feature allows hosts to highlight if an event is for peers only (those who identify as living with mental health conditions).

What does being a peer mean?

A peer is broadly defined as someone who shares your lived experience. This lived experience can be having a mental health condition. It can also include other characteristics such as sharing gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, language, or disability. Being a peer can also be a situational experience, like being a parent or experiencing a life-altering event such as a natural disaster.

Why do you have activities for peers only?

In addressing loneliness and isolation, shared lived experience is important. Activities designed for peers only (those who identify as living with mental health conditions) allow participants to receive support from someone who can relate to their experience.

What are some disability accommodations hosts can name/offer?

Hosts can choose from a range of options, including ASL Interpreter, Communication Access In Real-Time (CART Services), Large Print, Braille Services, Wheelchair Access, Assistive Listening Device, Assistant Accompaniment, Closed-Captioned Videos and Providing a Translator.

What types of activities can hosts list on the site?

Hosts can list a range of activities including support groups, coffee meets, or just playing video games.

How do I list an activity on the site?

To list an activity on MHA’s I Am Not Alone, follow these three simple steps:

  1. 1. Sign Up or Log In to your account. You will be redirected to the homepage.
  2. 2. Click CREATE EVENT on the top right-hand corner of the homepage.
  3. 3. Follow the steps to list your activity.

How much does it cost to host an activity with I Am Not Alone?

At this time, I Am Not Alone is free to both hosts and attendees.

Can I charge attendees to attend my activity?

MHA’s I Am Not Alone is only available to hosts whose activities carry no cost to the attendees.

I want to attend an activity. Is there a cost?

I Am Not Alone is free to hosts and attendees.

What is the I Am Not Alone General Forum?

MHA’s I Am Not Alone General Forum is a feature on our site that automatically generates a topic related to the host’s activity. Here, hosts and attendees can stay connected, get to know one another, and brainstorm future activities.

What if I use other ways to stay connected with my attendees?

We acknowledge that some hosts may choose to use other methods to stay connected. We simply ask that you indicate this by sending an email to kmcintosh@mhanational.org with the following information.
Contact Name
Contact Email
Method to stay connected (example: Facebook group, Whatsapp group, Slack channel, Discord channel, etc.)

How do I create a forum section for my activity?

Once you create an activity on I Am Not Alone, a topic is automatically created on our General Forum section on our site. Hosts can use this topic section to connect and get to know members. They can then create subtopics from here.

How can I access the site?

To access MHA’s I Am Not Alone, visit iamnotalone.mhanational.org


What is the Peer Partners training?

MHA’s Peer Partners training is a fully online training for those wanting to implement the Peer Partners program in their community. Peer Partners is a unique peer response for those living with serious mental health conditions. It helps those struggling with isolation and social exclusion to build networks of friends and supportive relationships by using a support group model.

It combines the evidence-based practices of peer support and psychiatric rehabilitation and the emerging best practices of self-directed care and life coaching. MHA’s Peer Partners training consists of nine (9) mini-webinars as well as our downloadable training materials.

Those registered for our Peer Partners training also have access to our Peer Forum where they can engage with other people implementing the Peer Partners program and receive advice or feedback.

I have additional questions and feedback. Where can I go?

Didn’t find your answer here? Email iamnotalone@mhanational.org with your question(s).